An idea doesn't usually come with a road map. It's a spark of inspiration in a whirlwind of details—but it is also the starting point for every transformative organization, program, and process. So how do you get from point A to point B?

We have the tools to take you from complexity to clarity.


Our Process


1. Conversation

We always start by facilitating discussion around opportunities, challenges, and the details surrounding them, until we've explored every possibility. Each idea counts and gets its own sticky note on the wall.


2. Mapping

Through conversation, teams explore their situation, allowing them to see how all the pieces fit together. A map naturally emerges. Now visual ideas can be saved, reorganized, and expanded. This provides focus, clarity, and flexibility leading to shared understanding.


3. Planning

All the ideas on the map can’t be done at once. Choices must be made about what to prioritize and what to put in the backlog. The plan allows teams to see the big picture and focus on the pieces that will add the most value in the next thirty days or less.


4. Taking Action

All the pieces are in place. Now, it’s time to execute! With the important details already mapped out, the plan can be broken down into three phases: To Do, Doing and Done. This allows teams to track their work, stay on schedule and budget, and maintain momentum. 


Meet the Team

We are project management addicts, with expertise in Agile, Scrum, and Design Thinking principles. While these approaches were originally formulated for software production, we're passionate about reshaping the model to fit the needs of organizations large and small, seeking to do good in the world.


Brent Sears

Strategic PLANNER

Brent sees the big picture. He can simultaneously recognize where you are now and grasp your vision for the future, helping you work toward your goals and milestones.


Holly Rodricks

Project Designer

Holly thinks in details, understanding how to take all the intricate, moving parts of your project and shape them into a cohesive and implementable step-by-step plan.


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